ICI For All Global Digital Summit

The Foundation will once again sponsor ICI World Startup Competition. This event is open to pre-seed and seed stage med-tech startup companies whose innovative solutions can be applied to cardiovascular diagnostics and interventions.

Companies should be working in the following areas:

  • Medical Devices

  • Digital/Mobile Health/Health ICT

  • Biomedicine

  • Medical Consumer Products

  • Medical Diagnostics

  • Medical Therapeutics

  • Health Services/Processes

Finalists in the competition will have the opportunity to present to a panel of judges made up of key industry players, including medical professionals in the field and venture capitalists. The winner will receive $150 000 Award for Innovation in Cardiology from the Jon DeHaan Foundation.

The deadline to apply for ICI World Startup Competition is October 20th, 2020. ICI For All is a global digital event taking place from Israel on December 6 and 7, 2020.

NOTE: The Jon DeHaan Foundation will NOT accept applications. Visit the link to apply.


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