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August 2020 Update from Dr. Giora Weisz:

"The Jon DeHaan Foundation Best Innovation Award during PCR 2019 had a significant impact on Filterlex. 

The company has made significant progress in the last year...Filterlex is thankful to the Jon deHaan foundation for recognizing the importance of embolic protection and supporting the development of the CAPTIS device."

* * * 

On May 18, 2019, the Jon DeHaan Foundation, together with PCR, was proud to present Filterlex with the Award for Innovation in Cardiology at PCR Innovators Day in Paris, France.

Filterlex has developed Captis, a next-generation full-body embolic protection device for use during TAVI procedures. It has been designed with the goal of reducing the risk of stroke and other complications during catheter-based structural heart procedures.

“With the generous Jon DeHaan Foundation grant, we will be able to further develop and soon to bring to patients a mature and improved device to protect them,” remarked Dr. Giora Weisz, Filterlex Founder & Chairman of Advisory Board.

The Jon DeHaan Foundation is excited to support companies like Filterlex in their groundbreaking research towards commercialization. Our partnership with PCR strengthens both organizations’ missions of presenting and encouraging innovative technologies in the cardiovascular field, both at an early stage and up to the level of first-in-man evaluation.



Dr. Jonathon Leipsic

The Jon DeHaan Foundation was pleased to present Dr. Jonathon Leipsic with the Foundation’s Award for Innovation in Cardiology in a dedicated session at SCCT 2019 in Baltimore, MD.

An accomplished professional in the field, Dr. Leipsic is the Chairman of the Department of Radiology for Providence Health Care, Vancouver Coastal Health and the Vice Chairman of Research for the UBC Department of Radiology in Canada. He is a Professor of Radiology and Cardiology with the University of British Columbia. Dr Leipsic is also a Canada Research Chair in Advanced Cardiopulmonary Imaging.

Dr. Leipsic was selected for this award because of his dedication to advancing the field of cardiac CT. Dr. Robert Schwartz, President of the Jon DeHaan Foundation, presented the award saying, “Dr. Leipsic has been a tireless champion, teacher, and leader in cardiac applications of CT for many years. He has devoted countless hours toward advancing the field, and at the same time, has thus touched many patients multiplied by the number of cardiologists who have used his work or who have learned from him directly. It is a great pleasure that Dr. Leipsic has been chosen for the Jon DeHaan Foundation Award for Innovation in Cardiology , whose purpose it is to further his work and his teaching, thus advancing cardiac CT far into the future.”




August 2020 Update from Jeff Elkins, CEO

"The funds from the 2019 TCT Shark Tank /DeHaan Foundation have helped to support the development of the Gen 3 BlueLeaf as well as related  EVF procedural optimization and physician training, which is especially notable during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here many businesses are significantly adversely impacts and/or downsizing. InterVene was able to utilize the funds to both minimize reduction of resources and interruptions during device development as well as advance research to the 1 year f/u period with limited disruption, and it is thought this will lead to several important innovations and improvements to our EVF procedure and beyond.

In addition to the benefit from the funds, the recognition and prestige which resulted from the Shark Tank presentation and win and that the favorable exposure has simply exceeded all expectations, and it was a tremendous source of pride and motivation to the company, the supporting clinical trial physicians, and our peers among similar stage medical device start-ups. The company has since completed animal work and physician training with CRF at their Skirball facility, and plans additional work there, and these important connections would not have been possible without the program." 

* * *

In September 2019, the Jon DeHaan Foundation was proud to again partner with the Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF) to support TCT Shark Tank. Dr. Robert Schwartz, President of the Jon DeHaan Foundation, presented Fletcher Wilson, winner of the TCT Shark Tank competition and Founder and CEO of InterVene, with the Foundation’s Award for Innovation in Cardiology.

InterVene’s BlueLeaf System addresses Deep Vein Reflux and Chronic Venous Insufficiency. According to their website, “InterVene's BlueLeaf® Endovenous Valve Formation System is based on an open-surgical predicate (the Maleti Neovalve1), in which “autogenous” valves are also derived from the patient’s own vein wall. Intervene’s percutaneous approach avoids the trauma of open surgery, allows for multiple valves to be formed in a single procedure, and automates certain aspects of the technically-difficult open surgical procedure. The goal of this technology is to enable a larger number of doctors to treat their DVR patients who are in desperate need of a better solution.”

"The Foundation is excited by the potential of InterVene's innovative solution.  We are proud to support this company." says Tom DeHaan.  

Healium Medical with check.webp


Healium Medical

In December, the Jon DeHaan Foundation was pleased to sponsor the ICI Meeting 2019 Innovation Award competition in Tel Aviv, Israel. Fourteen medical device start-up companies from around the world presented at this event to a panel of distinguished medical professionals.

Healium Medical was voted the winner. This Israeli company is developing a no-contact guided ablation system for the treatment of atrial fibrillation. The company’s miniature ultrasound transducer has been designed to enable contact-less circumferential pulmonary vein isolation with real-time lesion monitoring. Their device could improve procedure efficacy for a cardiac condition that affects 46.1 million people worldwide.

Tom DeHaan, together with Professor Lotan and Dr. Rafi Beyar of ICI Meeting 2019, presented the $100,000 award to Ran Sela, CEO of Healium Medical. “We are thrilled to support companies like Healium Medical, who are pulling the needle forward in cardiac innovation.” says DeHaan. “The Foundation looks forward to continuing its support of events like the Innovation Award competition as we move into 2020.”

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