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The Jon Holden DeHaan Foundation, d.b.a. the Jon DeHaan Foundation,  proudly supports those working to advance cardiac medicine. The Foundation's Award for Innovation in Cardiology provides funding to individuals and companies who focus on commercializing innovative developments in cardiovascular medicine, including research, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, or rehabilitation.



Award Recipients


Autus Valve Technologies

"It is an tremendous honor for us to receive the 2020 ICI Innovation Award. This wonderful initiative offers crucial support for early stage cardiovascular devices such as ours. We thank the John deHaan Foundation for their tremendous support and commitment to fostering cardiac innovation."

Dr. Sophie-Charlotte Hofferberth

Co-Founder & President

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"On behalf of the team at VDyne, Inc. we would like to thank the Jon DeHaan foundation for their generous support of the ICI Innovation Competition. Winning this award is recognition by the medical community of the potential our VDyne Transcatheter Tricuspid Valve Replacement System has to address a largely unmet need in their patients. It recognizes the many hours the team has invested to develop the novel design and delivery approach. Most important, this support will further our efforts to make this device available to patients suffering from tricuspid regurgitation."

Robert Vidlund, COO, and 

David Pomfret, RPh, Sr. Director Clinical Affairs


On Sight Medical

"The On Sight team truly appreciates the outstanding generosity and support we received form Mr. DeHaan and the foundation. This grant enables On Sight to bring Ultrasound capabilities to the novice user, which results in improved patient care, particularly in rural areas, underserved populations, and developing countries. It is making a significant impact on the screening, analysis, monitoring, and diagnosis of cardiac disease."

Dr. Achi Ludomirsky, MD

Co-Founder & CMO

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Healium Medical

"On behalf of myself and the Healium Medical team we would like to express our deep appreciation for being selected winner of the Jon DeHaan Foundation Innovation Award at the ICI2019 conference.   

This prestigious award is a recognition in the importance of our journey aimed at providing improved care to patients suffering from atrial fibrillation using our advanced No-Contact Guided Ultrasound Ablation technology.

Using this outstanding award we intend to continue and accelerate the development of our ultrasound technology with the strong hope and vision to offer improved outcomes to atrial fibrillation patients undergoing catheter ablation procedures"

Ran Sela, CEO

TCT 2019


"On behalf of our entire company, Fletcher and I wanted thank Mr. DeHaan personally for his support for the Shark Tank Competition and the innovation it recognizes, and we’ll reflect on this often as one of the high-points in the life of InterVene."

Jeff Elkins, COO and Fletcher Wilson, Founder/CEO


SCCT 2019

Dr. Jonathon Leipsic

"We intended to build on our past work delving into the mechanisms of bioprosthetic valve failure. Our data suggests that the mechanisms and timelines of valve degeneration are consistent across surgical and transcatheter bioprosthetic heart valves and a better understanding of structural valve degeneration can be obtained through combining further histological and novel imaging approaches. We will continue along this path of investigation through the generous support of the DeHaan Foundation Award which will allow us perform the needed advanced analyses to help advance our understanding of this complex process so that we can hopefully develop potential solutions to this important clinical problem."



"It has been a great honor for Filterlex and myself to receive the Jon DeHaan Foundation Innovation Award.

We appreciate the recognition of the importance to protect the brain and the rest of the body during TAVR procedure. Filterlex carries the vision of procedural safety and the mission to deliver it in an easy and successful way. Although we are a start-up company, we see the patients in front of us, and aim to provide them with the best care.

With the generous Jon DeHaan Foundation grant, we will be able to further develop and soon to bring to patients a mature and improved device to protect them. We are now getting ready for the first-in-human experience, and thanks to your grant we will be able to move forward with these plans."

Dr. Giora Weisz

Founder & Chairman of Advisory Board

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TCT 2018

Aria CV

“a truly novel concept with potential to improve the survival and quality of life for people with heart disease.”

SCCT 2018

Dr. Kelly Han

“I truly appreciate this opportunity and [Mr. DeHaan’s] incredible generosity. One person can make a difference. With this grant, Mr DeHaan is making a very large difference in Cardiac Care.”


PCR Innovators Day 2019

Dr. William Wijns (PCR) and Dr. Robert Schwartz, President of the Jon DeHaan Foundation,  talk to Award for Innovation in Cardiology winner, Giora Weisz, from the Montefiore Medical Center in New York, about his winning embolic protection device for use in TAVI procedures.




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