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Three Winners Announced at ICI Meeting
Startup Competition

Award For Innovation in Cardiology goes to Paragate Medical, Magneto Thrombectomy Solutions, and  AlchiMedics

Tel Aviv, February 2024 - The Jon DeHaan Foundation was pleased to once again support ICI Meeting's Startup Competition. Approximately forty companies from Israel and around the world participated in this event. Fourteen were selected to present during the convention for an international panel of judges. Three winners were selected to share our $200,000.00 USD Award for Innovation in Cardiology. 

Paragate Medical, founded by Dr. Yair Feld and presented by Nitai Hanani, was awarded first prize and $150,000.00 to aid in the development of their implantable device for the treatment of fluid overload in patients suffering from chronic heart or kidney failure. The technology, a pump, is implanted in the abdomen and absorbs fluids from the body using a gentle negative pressure through a suitable porous membrane. The treatment is intended for heart failure patients who accumulate fluids in the body. Paragate Medical aims to revolutionize heart failure management by shifting the weight of chronic disease treatment out of the hospital towards home-based care.

Second place winner, Magneto Thrombectomy Solutions, is developing the eTrieve Aspiration System and Catheter. The company aims to use their system in multiple therapeutic areas, including the treatment of stroke, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and the removal of clots from the arterial system. Magneto was awarded $30,000.00 to support the continued development of their technology. 

Third prize and $20,000.00 was awarded to AlchiMedics. This company is developing an implantable solution designed to significantly reduce or eliminate anti-platelet therapy. According to their website, approximately 1.5 million patients worldwide are implanted with devices powered by AlchiMedics’ technology. 

This year, approximately 2000 people attended ICI Meeting in Tel Aviv. The conference brings together medical professionals, entrepreneurs, academics, and industry VC with the goal of fostering innovation in the cardiac space. The Innovation Competition takes place during the pre-conference, the Academy of Innovation, which educates participants of the business of medical innovation. ICI's mission aligns with the Jon DeHaan Foundation's activities in promoting and supporting innovation in the field of cardiovascular medicine.  For more information about ICI's Academy of Innovation, visit

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